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Oneway #3248 Bowl Steady

Oneway #3248 Bowl Steady

Oneway #3248 Bowl Steady   Oneway #3248 Bowl Steady
Spindle turners have been using steady rests to deal with vibration and flexible materials for as long as people have been turning wood, but spindle steady rests are generally not suitable for bowls, so Oneway has designed a steady rest that takes into account the unique demands of bowl turning. The Bowl Steady is easy to put on the lathe, and on most lathes can be mounted at any time. It uses up virtually no swing, and most importantly dampens most vibration.

With less vibration problems, you can employ a wider variety of cuts and cutting styles to get the finish you want. The Bowl Steady also increases the safety factor. When turning a bowl or platter, you no longer have to try to support it with your fingers.

A nasty catch can break a bowl into pieces, and if you are supporting it with your fingers, you can get badly cut. The thinner the bowl is, the more the bowl rest will help. Bowl Steady Includes: Tension Arm Assembly; 2 Wheels; 1-1/4 Post; Slotted Base; and a Hardware Package.

A Clamp Block is required for attaching both the Bowl & Spindle Steadys to your lathe. To determine the size of the Clamp Block needed, measure the gap between the bedways. This gap determines the Clamp Block required. Just move the post forward to the spare set of holes (on the base), and attach the spindle steady head assembly.

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Oneway #3248 Bowl Steady   Oneway #3248 Bowl Steady